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With your support, we empower more than 125 Perry County residents each year to earn their high school equivalency diploma, learn English, become U.S. citizens, get career training and the resources they need to build a better future for themselves and their families.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes. PCLC is a 501 c (3) organization. Your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of the U.S. law. Our EIN number is 23-2450099. Be sure to keep your email or receipt as proof of your donation.
Can I donate from my will?
To make a planned gift in your will or estate plan, it is suggested that you designate a percentage of the assets or a specific dollar amount. The following is sample language to use when setting up a bequest.

“I give, devise and bequeath _________% (or $X) of the remainder and residue of property owed at my death, whether real or personal, to the Perry County Literacy Council, a nonprofit organization located in Newport, PA.”

If you decide to make a special commitment like this to PCLC, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can thank you personally for your generous support of our mission.

Is corporate giving an option?
To discuss or learn more about corporate sponsorships or giving opportunities, please contact Leslie at:


Phone: 717-567-7323

Where can I find your donor privacy policy?
We do not sell, exchange, or rent names or other personal information about our donors, website users, or subscribers. Click here to view our complete privacy policy.
The Stories of RedemptionLives Changed

High school was difficult for John Banks. Though never bullied, he couldn’t stand how fellow students treated each other and felt like he simply didn’t fit in. Anxious and frustrated, John spoke with his family about his concerns. This led to trying charter school and then traditional schooling once more, until the pandemic hit.

“We were right back to the same Zoom sessions that didn’t work with the charter school,” said Jeanette. “That was the clincher, so I thought, ‘Okay – here’s what we’re going to do.”

John’s parents recommended that he go to Perry County Literacy Council (PCLC) for classes to earn his high school equivalency diploma.

“My parents thought that I should try it out,” said John. “My mom was worried because she knew that I didn’t always get all my work done in school, but she knew that I cared about getting my diploma – and she had faith in me.”

John loves coming to PCLC. Since entering the program last September, he has completed three of the four tests required to earn his high school equivalency diploma.

Other Ways to GiveDonate by Mail

At PCLC, we work to provide educational programs for Perry County residents and families that enable them to better function as productive and responsible citizens. Within this process, your donations and gifts help us continue to provide these classes and resources to each resident. Overall, your gift can help change a life forever.

PCLC offers many options for donating, but if you prefer to make your gift by check through mail, please send it to:

Perry County Literacy Council
P.O. Box 37, Newport, PA 17074

We look forward to continuing our work with your help!

The Value of Your DonationWhy Give to PCLC?

A donation to PCLC means more than just money; it means a changed life in Perry County and in some cases, the changed life of an entire family. Your donation keeps our mission going and helps us continue to educate those looking to improve their skill level in order to pursue a better future. 

Here's how your donation can help: 

Your donation stays in Perry County and solves problems. It helps reduce the county's reliance on unemployment, public assistance, and housing subsidies by heightening the education levels of residents. 

Even more, your donation pays it forward and helps create new pathways to jobs that pay. Specifically, every adult who earns a GED contributes an additional $60,000 in tax revenue over a lifetime. 

To see specifically how your donation impacts a life, check out our info graph below.